Why use a home designer?

A home designer can help you with getting the most out of the square footage of your house. By having a well thought out floor plan your house will be more comfortable and have greater resale value.

Simple elements in the elevation of the house can also greatly improve the value and personality of a home. We will incorporate the designs and elements that are specific to your needs.

  • Kendall
  • My name is Kendall Crook, and with over 15 years of experience providing Technical Drafting for Architects, Engineers and Surveyors, I have the knowledge to help you design the house you’ve always had in mind. I’ve been involved in many types of construction projects from initial site survey to punch list.

  • Floor Plans
  • With K&M House Plans you will get the personalized one on one attention your project deserves. I will personally sit down with you and go over every detail of the layout of the house and help with suggestions to improve the plan as needed.

  • Floor Plans
  • Whether it's a new house, remodeling project or addition, K&M House Plans can provide you with a complete set of plans. Working with you from concept design to final construction documents.

  • Floor Plans
  • Most of us have at one time or another lived in a house with a poor floor plan and therefore know the importance of having a practical, fluid floor layout and an appealing elevation. K&M House Plans will help you develop the ideas and concepts that you already have, from sketches and drawings and notes to a full set of plans and make your dream house a reality.

  • Floor Plans
  • K&M House Plans provides Computer Aided (CAD) construction plans. By having good house plans you will be able to move along the construction phase faster. The more decisions that are made on paper, the faster a project will go. You will also be able to get better prices from your general contractor or sub contractors because they’re starting with accurate and clear plans.


As a contractor you may have specific needs for floor plans, K&M House Plans will provide you with professional, timely and accurate house plans. We will customize the plans the way you like them with the information specific to your needs. If you would like one floor plan with several different elevations we would be able to provide several options. Promotional drawings for clients can be provided as well. Give us a call for pricing as we would like to be able to work with you.

If you are looking for a local designer who can provide you with timely, accurate and custom house plans at an affordable price, K&M House Plans is your solution. Located in Topeka, KS we have clients in Topeka, Lawrence, Kansas City and surrounding communities.

We have also done work for clients as far away as Paraguay South America, using email, chat and phone.